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Creative Writing Workshops: Original creative writing workshops that will make you the best writer you can be. By analyzing lyricism and modern poetry we will improve your execution and encourage risk-taking in your writing. This intensive is perfect for poets, rappers, songwriters, and anyone interested in receiving the tools to build a newfound confidence in their written work.

Editing Workshops: Hands-on, step by step, editing workshops that encourages brutal honesty by implementing advanced editing techniques to shed the fluff and heighten the most important moments in your writing. This workshop is perfect for anyone looking to get their work published or interested in expanding their knowledge and skill as a writer.

About The Artist: As an educator, Savon stresses the urgency to allow students across multiple identities to see themselves as subjects rather than objects in the world, their own history, and their own education, teaching writing and performance workshops to middle schools, high schools, college students and community organizations across the globe including Yale University, Birmingham University, and NYU as well as high level UN events such as the World Youth Report, The Young Women and Girls Conference, and the Unite for Sight Global Health Conference. Nominated for a Social Impact Media Award, Savon’s poetry was chosen to be incorporated in the SIMA Classroom Catalog which is available to educators to foster global competency among students.

Savon was born an only child in North Chicago, IL. He currently lives in NYC where he teaches poetry and creative writing.