- don't you weep when Pharaohs army turns a fathers son into a holy ghost / that's trinity 

Poetical Tv

The First ever 'Advice To Young Poets.' A new series by Poetical Tv, produced with the aim to inspire and encourage young writers. Advice to young aspiring poets from Savon Bartley.

This Week In Global Health

Jessica Taaffe sat down with poetry slammer Savon Bartley at the 2015 Global Health Innovation Conference at Yale University on how poetry is a powerful and universal communication tool for global health. Savon's climate change poetry was featured at the 70th United Nations General Assembly meeting: 

South - South News

On February 14, 2014, I Sell the Shadow, a new initiative by Emmy-winning filmmaker, Lisa Russell, produced an all-youth performance at the United Nations to help launch the UN World Youth Report with the theme, "Youth and Migration."

Savon is doing some of the most technically complex poems I’ve ever heard
— Dante Douglas, University of Oregon Student