Workshop Overview



The Difference Between Metaphors and Rap

An original creative writing workshop that analyzes lyricism and modern poetry to improve execution and encourage risk taking in students writing. This 1 hour to 3 hour intensive is perfect for poetry clubs, English or creative writing classes, spoken word teams and anyone interested in expanding their skill and knowledge as writers. Students will walk away with newfound confidence in their written work.


Walls of Jericho

Using theater games and vocal training this intensive performance workshop series is dedicated to breaking down walls, shedding bad habits, and gaining the confidence and tools to set any room on hypothetical fire! These exciting, and sometimes goofy, workshops are ideal for slam poetry groups, theater classes, or students looking to improve their public speaking and storytelling skills.



*Editors Notes*

A hands on, step by step, creative writing workshop that encourages students to be brutally honest about their work by implementing advanced editing techniques to shed the the fluff and heighten the most important moments in their writing.