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Savon has been invited to speak and perform at establishments like the United Nations, Yale University, New York University, The Apollo Theater, The Metropolitan Museum of Art, and for companies like Fashion Snoops, The Black Iris Project, Real Leaders, Amnesty International, HBO, and MTV UK. He gives lectures, panels, workshops, and keynotes on: Social Justice, Mental Health, Race, Intersectionality, Creative Writing & Editing, and the Identity. To bring Savon to your campus or company:

  1. Find a student affairs contact, advisor, center, conference, or organization with funding.

  2. Send them an email! Feel free to adapt this template.

  3. If you are already part of a university, organization, or company with funding, just fill out the below form or email

  4. After you send, DM Savon to say hi & ask questions.


One of the best top to bottom features I’ve seen.
— Mason Granger creator of Slamfind

Find me on social media, use the form below, or reach out via email at


One of the best top to bottom features I’ve seen.
— Mason Granger, Creator of Slamfind

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