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Take These Initial Steps To Embrace Your Originality

Creatives have a longing to produce work that is engaging, interesting and unique. Maybe even more so than that, creatives have a desire to generate something that's never been done before — to craft something into perfection in such a way that it challenges what the limits were supposed to be. Creators, especially millennials, strive to be innovative and trailblazing but most of all...

Blavity Talks Performance Poetry, Going Viral, And HBO Def Jam With Button Poetry

When the word 'poetry' emerges in conversation, most people immediately refer to whatever they were exposed to in secondary school. The usual suspects come to mind: Shakespeare, Edgar Allen Poe, Langston Hughes, Maya Angelou — the list goes on. When it comes to performance poetry, well that’s a different story. There was a time when the term was unheard of, unless you knew whose...



Kingdom Heezy Taught Me

Growing up, Disney movies ruled the world. (Favorite Disney Movie: Jungle Book ). I still have the VHS tapes of allllll the Disney joints stacked…