Savon Bartley
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Savon Bartley is an award - winning writer and performer who uses his passion for poetry and storytelling to document the human experience. He is currently an artist in residence at The Public Theater and Host of the Sincerely, Say Podcast . You can find some of his words on Instagram, Twitter and Medium.

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The future poet laureate
— Jon Sands author of The New Clean

Sincerely, Say (The Podcast)

Sincerely, Say is a podcast filled with letters about the human experience, written by Savon Bartley, dedicated to you. These letters are an attempt to find understanding, give language to raw emotions, and remind ourselves that we are all connected through shared experiences. Listen to the show on Anchor, Apple Podcast, Google Podcasts, Breaker, Spotify, Radio Republic, Castbox, Overcast, Stitcher, Pocket Casts.

Whatever you do for your self mindfulness and growth: the headspace meditation app, yoga, journal.... add subscribing to this podcast to the list.
— lee10ant , 04/11/2019 ( Apple Podcast Review )

Poetry & Prose For The Soul

Poetry and Prose For the Soul is a collection of short poems and gentle reminders about hurt, healing, and honesty. These bite-sized gems, written by Savon Bartley, are concise enough to be your latest tweet and deep enough to be your next Instagram caption.

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Literacy rates would be higher if everyone listened to this guy.
— Write About Now Poetry Slam

Liner Notes


Listen to Savon’s music and poetry about love, loss, and life by following him on Soundcloud, Apple Music, and Spotify.

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He has such great energy. I wish that I could teach like him.
— Michelle Camillo Bronx middle school teacher


Savon’s work has been featured or mentioned in Broadway World, The Odyssey, Slate Magazine, AFROPUNK, Apiary Magazine , Culture Spread ( Interview ), Great Weather For Media ( Interview ), The New York Times, Rad Season, Indie Guides, and more.






Savon is a versatile lyricist who can manipulate words in astounding ways
— The Odyssey