Is This Too Deep For The Intro?

Listen, if this is too deep for the intro I’ll find another use / but just in case it’s perfect then let me introduce
— Jermaine x Savon

"I have a lot of passions but haven’t come across a word that best describes them all"

My name is Savon Bartley but my mom doesn’t call me that. I was born in Waukegan, IL and grew up in North Chicago for most of my life. Now, I live in New Jersey. Mainly because I don’t want to pay New York taxes. I am my mothers only child and my grandmother's only “grand baby” even though I haven’t been a baby in a long time. I’m the second person and only male in my family with a college degree. I used to get mistaken for Food & Liquor Lupe in high school but now everyone just says I remind them of Bino. They’re pretty much the same person so I guess some things don’t change after high school.

I do what I can to make a living. Most of the time I’m a writer, pen-ing and performing poetry somewhere in the world or a teaching artist helping a 7th grader edit their sestina. Essayist, podcaster (coming soon), curator, actor, coach, social media coordinator, and being cute usually sneak there way in there somewhere in between. I have a lot of passions but haven’t come across a word that best describes them all. For now let’s just call it being a full time artist or a creative or a storyteller. Yeah, I think that fits.

Now that we’re all acquainted, welcome to my blog! I’m so excited you pulled up for this. You would not believe how long I’ve been saying “I’m going to start a blogging.” It’s taken me years to get this point but look mama we made it!

As a teaching artist, I tell my students all the time how important it is to document their unique experience in the world from a perspective that only they can provide. At some point all of our stories are going to be told. If we let someone else tell it they are going to get it wrong. We have an obligation to write our own narratives. This blog is my obligation. My story. My honest and candid experiences traveling the world reciting poetry, being a son, reading books, writing books, being black, living, struggling, flourishing, failing, trying again, and again, and again, to one day find the answer to the question “what am I doing with my life?” I’m not sure if there is a calming answer for that. All I know is that I don’t want to be one thing my whole life. Let’s hope that one of us figures out what that means.

"Ideas are constantly rushing through my head and It’s difficult to keep them in one place. This is going to be that place."

On the surface this blog is what most blogs are, an outlet. Ideas are constantly rushing through my head and It’s difficult to keep them in one place. This is going to be that place. It’s also practice, a journey, portfolio, advice column, gallery, tour guide, and newsletter. I’m going to spill all the beans on what I’m working on, who I’m listening to, what I’m reading, how I’m making a living as an artist, everything!

I want this blog to be more than just keeping up with things that I’m doing. I want this space to be a resource for millennials and artist trying better themselves and eat off their craft. I’ve been pretty blessed to have accomplished certain things in my life when it comes to my art and often times my contemporaries, or my students, will ask “ How did you do that?” Real talk, it’s a long story. Sometimes it’s not. Either way I’m going to tell you everything I know in this here blog. I don’t believe in withholding information out of fear someone else will take money out of your pocket. There’s enough money for everyone. I’m going to eat no matter what. You should be able to provide for yours too and I’d love to see both of us glow up together.

I don’t want to be too long winded here so I’m going to wrap this one up and get to getting on some more projects I want to show you but i’m just really excited that this is finally happening! Feel free to comment and share. Let’s continue this conversation on twitter, instagram, or facebook. If you want to get all my blog post, exclusive content, and show dates straight to your front door then you should definitely sign up for my newsletter. You’ll never miss a beat and you get free stuff too. I’ll holla *Martin Voice*

Photo Cred: David Hong

Savon Bartley