The Black American Storyteller


- "If all my dreams come true / my nightmares do too"

Photo Cred: David Hongy

Photo Cred: David Hongy

Savon Bartley is an award winning writer and international spoken word artist who uses his passion for storytelling and poetry to address the narrative of masculinity, social justice, and black mental health. Featured at venues around the world such as the Apollo Theater, MTV UK, and The United Nations, his exhilarating performances have allowed him to work in theater, film, and television alongside The Wu Tang Clan, The Black Panthers, and Russell Simmons. His work has been highlighted in The New York Times, Suspect Press, The Careless Embrace of the Boneshaker Anthology, Slate Magazine, Blavity, and Afropunk.

As a teaching artist, Savon stresses the urgency to allow students across multiple identities to see themselves as subjects rather than objects in the world, their own history, and their own education, teaching writing and performance workshops to middle schools, high schools, college students and community organizations across the globe including Yale University, Birmingham University, and NYU as well as high level UN events such as the World Youth Report, The Young Women and Girls Conference, and the Unite for Sight Global Health Conference. Nominated for a Social Impact Media Award, Savon’s poetry was chosen to be incorporated in the SIMA Classroom Catalog which is available to educators to foster global competency among students.

Savon was born an only child in North Chicago, IL. He is currently based in NYC where he teaches poetry and creative writing.

The future poet laureate.
— Jon Sands, Author of The New Clean